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Masturn 550i (800/1500)

Masturn 550MASTURN Line Universal centre lathes with CNC system

550 i / 800
550 i /1500

Machine Basic Concept:
Are designed for precise Turning operation namely  in small and medium lot production. The main machining operation is the turning of superficial, face and inside surfaces, both cylindrical and conical or spherical. The enhanced machine accuracy complies with standard ISO 1708.

Machine Features:
• Simple machine suitable for piece and small lot production parts
• High precision, performance, easy operation
• Constant cutting speed - part machining of high quality
• Graphic simulation of machining
• Possibility of machining by means of manual control as on conventional lathe or via automatic cycles with CNC system supports running on the bases of fixed cycles.
• Program can be written as contour programming or DIN programming
• Cutting conditions and geometrical data of the part shape are entered via keyboard in control system which processes them automatically
• On demand, the software for creation of programs and their realization in your PC is available

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