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MCV Quick
  • MCV 1016 Quick
  • MCV 754 Quick

is designed for accurate and high speed machining of general shaped surfaces and drilling, boring, reaming, thread cutting and milling of bigger and more intricate parts. ATC (automatic tool changer) enables working in automatic cycle. A cross table and headstock travels can be used simultaneously. Options using, enables parts to be machined from four sides, in addition, it enables helix machining and use of effective cooling with a cooling through spindle.

- movable machine parts (slides, table and headstock) seats on a roller linear guideways
- spindle unit is placed on accurate bearings with oblique contact
- digital AC drives HEIDENHAIN driving spindle and axes
- positioning by means of linear scales
- tools center clamping
- control system iTNC 530 HEIDENHAIN HSCI or Siemens 840D
- tool changer – exchangeable arm